A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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A picture can tell a story. You are the author. Display your family and friends, your passions, your creativity, your travels. Your home and a blank wall are your canvas. Let your photos depict to those who enter what you and your house represent. A photo wall can do just that! There are so many options… Read more »

Home Staging: How Properly Staging Your House For Sale Can Decrease Time On The Market and Increase Value

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Selling a house can be a big step in anyone’s life, and it’s important to put your best foot forward as potential buyers come in to evaluate your space. That’s why hiring an interior designer/decorator to stage your house can be one of the best decisions you make while selling a house. Interior designers/decorators do… Read more »

Differences Between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator

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You’ve probably heard of the terms interior designer and interior decorator used interchangeably. However, these two terms aren’t actually synonymous. There are many similarities between the two jobs, but the credentials and areas of expertise differ. Interior designers often work with the spatial planning of a home and can help renovate interiors, from drawing the… Read more »