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Tailored Living Solutions Make One Resolution Easier to Keep

Getting Organized Remains Among Top 10 Resolutions

Tucson, AZ – We’ve all done it: Sworn to lose 20 pounds. Get out of debt. Tame the clutter in our homes.

Getting organized remains among the leading resolutions made annually and with good reason. There are benefits to decluttering and organizing, including: financial benefits, peace of mind benefits, health benefits and more.

Tailored Living, a custom space design franchise company, offers these tips to eliminate clutter your home:

  • Assemble your Clutter Elimination Supplies, including: garbage bags, bins, labels.
  • Work in six piles.
    • Keep
    • Donate or Sell
    • Discard
    • Repair
    • Goes elsewhere in your home
    • Requires special handling
      *Most organizers will tell you to start with Keep and Discard, and that’s fine if you’re able to be ruthless with your decisions. However, if you tend to agonize over what to keep, or if the item truly belongs in another room, having other options may allow you to move through the clutter before you more quickly.
  • Start Small
    Instead of saying “Today, I will clean the garage” say “Today, I will clean out a cabinet.” Attacking the problem in smaller chunks allows you to feel a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you – or others in your household – to continue the task.
  • Toss 50
    Set a goal to toss 50 unused, unwanted, or broken items in a week. Start in one area and do your best to rid yourself of unused stuff that’s taking up space and collecting dust in your home.
  • Eliminate items in one area
    This is like the Toss 50 challenge, but your going to confine your attack on clutter to one area for a specified amount of time, say, 20 minutes to an hour.
  • Give Everything a Place of Its Own
    Once you purge the broken, non-operational, unwanted and unused items from your home and garage, dedicate a space for each item. If you label the space it is more likely that the item will be returned to the space each time it’s used.

“Having a storage system that is designed to meet the needs of your home is helpful in preserving your hard work and maintaining your resolution,” said Cindy Toth, Owner of Tailored Living. “That’s where our Organizational Specialists come in.”

“The choices are very limited at home centers because of floor space. Typically, homeowners get to choose between solutions with white laminate finishes or wire. We give the homeowner a host of finish options and various accessories to make the space as user friendly as possible.” said Ms. Toth.

Hiring a professional space designer also ensures that homeowners avoid costly and frustrating errors, such as:

  • Hanging a rod too high or too low
  • Architectural challenges, for example: interference of a door, drawers that are too shallow.
  • Installing basic items and not taking advantage of helpful accessories like valet rods, belt racks and tie racks.
  • Not knowing where to hang the accessories to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Improperly securing elements
  • Not taking full advantage of the space
  • Not having the right tools for the job

“We have a lot of tricks up our sleeve that will make the storage solution easy to use. The gratification may not be instant, but if the solution is easy to use the homeowner will use it and reap the rewards of being more organized for years to come,” said Ms. Toth

About Tailored Living of Tucson, AZ

Tailored Living of Tucson featuring PremierGarage® is owned and operated by Tucson resident, Cindy Toth The company proudly serves homeowners and businesses in Pima county offering storage solutions for your garage, closets, pantries, mudrooms, home offices and even guest rooms through complimentary in-home estimates and consultations, professional measuring and installation. For more information on Tailored Living of Tucson please call 520.689.7098 or visit

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